Slow and Steady Wins the Race


Last week I mentioned my mom was coming to visit and bringing her truck.  Well, we got some good use out of that truck!

We hauled away the old, rotten fence planks from where Nick fixed our fence.  (The neighbors only had to look at them piled in our driveway for a week!)

We picked up a cubic yard of shredded cedar mulch (my mom says it’s called “gorilla hair” in her neck of the woods).  Since Nick was off on a guy’s weekend with his friends, we girls used tarps to unload the mulch into the garage and I’ll spread it outside sometime soon.  But for now, it’s protected from wind and rain.


The country bench also arrived!  We came up with lots of ideas for what to do about those heart cut-outs, and I think the bench will ultimately be painted a deep yellow.


Some big, fat Karl Foersters came too, and they’re hanging out in cardboard boxes on the front porch.  I should probably make a point of getting them in the ground this weekend.


Meanwhile, my remaining mail-order plants (for one of which we dug a huge hole a few weeks ago and it’s still a huge hole)…are in the mail as of today!  Turns out the huge hole plant… going to be much smaller than I expected (boo) so I guess I could go out and fill the hole in a bit (or a lot).

And finally, what a surprise… mom was going to loan me her sewing machine for a couple projects.  Well, she decided she couldn’t part with it… she surprised me by buying me one of my own!!!  I can’t wait to start figuring out sewing with some new projects Smile


Last weekend was busy…and this weekend will be busy too.  We’re helping my aunt and uncle move into a new house on Saturday morning, then we’ll have Nick’s mom and dad here for a visit the rest of the weekend.  With no rain forecast until Sunday, the weather should be great!

Hopefully, Sunday afternoon will give me a little sun to go out and get those grasses planted.  I won’t even start with all the other outside stuff waiting to be tackled…

How are your weekend plans stacking up?

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