Drat. Foiled Again.

I had high hopes for the weather this past weekend.

Instead, it was chilly and grey.  (Still is.)

All outside projects were pushed aside in favor of staying inside where it was warm.

I did finally get out yesterday to trim the remaining untrimmed plants down to the ground, with help from our 7 year old neighbor and her dog.  She wanted to try out my new battery powered trimmer, so I held the plants (and the dog) while she trimmed.  Then she asked me when I’m going to start planting things and if she can help because she “really likes to plant things!”

I told her she could help me plant the veggie garden (“oooh I LIKE tomatoes!”).

Works for me!   Smile 

A few clumps of mums, some ornamental grasses, and a bunch of blown in leaves (and trash) were all cleaned up, and I got a good look at the thin, raggedy mulch underneath.  Fresh mulch will be a project for a warmer weekend.

But the big coup of the weekend??

The daffodils are coming up!!!!


I only saw a few tiny shoots of the crocuses, but the daffodils are a couple inches high in some places!  Plus, though they are very tiny, the mums are sprouting too.  It’s SO NICE to see green!


Oh yes, and we have snow on the ground today (and on the streets and on the roofs…)

And we’re supposed to get more snow later today and tomorrow.


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