A Little 80s and 90s Cartoon Nostalgia

I thought I’d show you my new rain barrel today.

But I changed my mind.

You’re getting cartoons instead!  (Everyone needs a little unexpected childhood nostalgia now and then.)

The other day, Sarah at The Bird’s Papaya did a great flashback to the 80s and 90s, and it got me thinking about those crazy-cool decades of side ponytails, plastic t-shirt rings, bad perms, and LA Lights hightop sneakers (with hot pink fluorescent socks, if you were SUPER cool like I was Winking smile)

Back in the day

Yeah, that’s me.  At Girl Scout camp.  Looking like a doof.

So, just for fun, I went looking for some of my old, favorite cartoons from back in the day.

In no particular order:

Duck Tales Woo-oo!

Ch-ch-ch-CHIP AND DALE, Rescue Rangers!

Captain Planet – He’s My Hero!

And because I was a huge nerd (but I can admit it)….Gargoyles!

Finally, everyone’s favorite gnome….DAVID the Gnome! (what a treat to be home sick from school and get to watch this)


This is a totally tubular list (I think) but I’m sure I missed some equally rad cartoons.  If I did, you can let me know Smile 


The dorky kid in the pink hat.


  1. Adding some of my faves! Gummy Bears (good luck getting that theme song out of your head now!), Jem & the Holograms, My Little Pony, and Tale Spin. Dangit, now I'm going to have to get up tomorrow, eat sugary cereal that will make my eyes spin, and watch cartoons…are there any good ones anymore?


  2. Oh AMEN girls. I loved the Gummi Bears (when I got to watch them at my friends' houses who had the Disney channel), My Little Pony and Talespin too!!! And of course Darkwing – didn't he come on right after Full House? 🙂


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