February, Wrapped Up With a Bow

Happy last day of February!!!

Tomorrow is MARCH!  That means the bulbs will start coming up soon!

Signs of life from last year

It also means…we’ll probably get a blizzard, because we always seem to get huge blizzards in March.

But no matter – March is here, and that’s all I care about! 

Despite being cold, gray, and dead, we did manage to get a few things done this month.  My productivity is directly related to the weather and the amount of green on the ground outside, so I’m looking forward to more projects in the next couple months.

This month…….

First we revealed the master bath renovation results (when I discovered how crazy-hard it is to take a decent picture of a small space):

Master Bath Reno

Then I talked a little more in depth about the master bath finishes (you know, the fun stuff!)

Delta Victorian faucet

I recreated a Pottery Barn art idea for the new bathroom

Pottery Barn knock-off art

I showed our newly spacious closet:

Newly expanded closet!

I revealed the new name of the site!  We went from “A Chirp in the Forest” to “Burb Tales!”


I played around with some supercheap spring-ish décor, using cool feed sack dish towels my aunt made for us:

Feed sack dish towel decor

And finally, because I’m starting to feel the spring-cleaning itch, I shared a tip for cleaning laminate floors without spending money on Swiffer refills.

Substitute for swiffer refills

Now I’m looking forward to March!  Nick is stopping by ReStore sometime this week to see if he can find what we need for a couple new projects we came up with over the weekend Winking smile

Did I mention we found a new saw (with several brand new blades) at ReStore for $25 this month as well?  And some milk crates?  Excitement!!  I’ll have to tell you about those later. 

Have a great Monday!


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