Decorating with Dish Towels

I’m sick of February.

Is it spring yet?

The countdown is on for the end of February…and then it will be on again until about March 10th, when I expect to see some bulbs pushing up out of the faded mulch.

But until then, I felt like a change, and the buffet was the perfect spot for it.

I started with some dish towels.  These aren’t just *any* dish towels, though.  They’re special – handmade in fact, by my aunt, and given to us as a wedding shower gift.  I’ve never decorated with them, but they turned out to be perfect.

contrast stitching

They’re made out of feed sacks.

feed sack detail

I have four of them, and since some are more faded, I picked out the three with the least-faded writing and arranged them as a sort of runner across our buffet. 

dish towels as a runner

I folded them diagonally to let the buffet’s pretty wood-grain show a bit. 

Diagonal arrangement

And I added a few glass accessories (the mason jar hurricanes included, which are ridiculously versatile) as well as some folded cloth napkins with pretty spring colors. 


Glass accessories


Dish towel decor

Dish towel decor 2

I get a lot of questions about that framed prayer on the buffet.

Norwegian prayer

It’s a Norwegian table prayer, also a wedding gift to us from an aunt.  My mother’s side of the family is Norwegian and Swedish, though they identify most with their Norwegian heritage.  This table prayer is becoming a traditional wedding gift in our family. 

The prayer translates as:

In Jesus’ name, we come to the table.

To eat and drink in his name.

To God the glory, to us the gain,

So we eat in Jesus’ name.

Now is it spring yet?

And there you have it – a few feed sacks, some glass jars, and a prayer.

Thanks for stopping by!


The crazy neighbor digging for bulb sprouts in her front yard.



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