Me at the Vermont Fair 1939
Just to demonstrate how flexible I can be…

Over the next couple of days, if you haven’t already noticed anything different, you will!  This blog has a new, (better) name, and a new, rockin’ web address.

And the best part is, all the feeds, links, and everything else *should* still work perfectly (though it may take a day or two to iron out any kinks.)

When I started this blog a year ago, the name I chose for it reflected how I felt about *blogging* in general, not about the subject of my blog.

You know, one little chirp in a big huge forest?  Kinda cute and fuzzy…
…and totally non-descriptive in a “whaah?” kind of way.  I can admit it. It’s ‘coo’.


Since we’re not bird enthusiasts, or bird trainers, and we don’t actually live in a forest … I wanted a title that better reflected what this little corner of the web is all about.

When I got to thinking about it, though, this blog is not just about renovations, or crafts, or decorating, or gardening, or irritating neighborhood cats taking a communal dump in the yard.

It’s about, well, life in the ‘burbs and making a house into a “custom” home even if in reality, the house is just another shade of beige and the budget is limited.


So now the ambiguously entitled blog A Chirp in the Forest will be hereafter known as ‘Burb Tales.  And even though all the old addresses and links will still work and get you where you want to go …the new web address will be


It is/will be the same content but with a name that’s shorter, quicker, and easier to remember.  Boo yah!

Thanks for being a blog-hopper, and I hope you like the new name and the new look!

Your Partner in Distraction Satisfaction,

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