Stylish Blogger Award!


Sarah, at The Bird’s Papaya, recently bestowed a wonderful award on some lucky recipients, and I was one of them!!

Thank you Sarah!!! Smile


Rules of the award are:

1. Thank & link back to the person who awarded you this.

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

3. Pay it forward to 15 recently discovered great bloggers.

4. Contact those bloggers and tell them about their award.


Seven things about me, (just for fun, I’m going with an ‘animal’ theme):

  1. I had a guinea pig when I was a kid.  His name was Booger.
  2. Also when I was a kid, I was obsessed with fish and all things fishy.  I thought I wanted to be “The Next Jacques Cousteau” (a label my third grade teacher gave me on the last day of school and of which I was VERY proud – I still have the laminated ‘name tag’.) 
  3. I kind of like the smell of skunk (in relatively small doses).  It all started with a scratch-n-sniff sticker… and it’s downhill from there.
  4. My friends used to think it was funny that when the carpool would bring me home from somewhere, our cat Bomber was usually sleeping on the roof over the front door. 
  5. I also had a rabbit as a kid.  His name was B.R.  (That would be Bunny Rabbit…)
  6. I’ve always wanted a Great Dane.  Nick thinks our house is too small for a dog that big.  I’d settle for a sloth though.  Honey, how about it? (I dare everyone to click on that sloth link…)
  7. Funny story…about my mom! Hi MOM!  While visiting Sea World way back when, she got projectile-spit on by a walrus. Personally, I think that makes for almost-celebrity status, so I just had to share Smile 
  8. Alright, one more, since that last one wasn’t technically about me.  I saved a pigeon once, that didn’t need to be saved.  It was hopping around on the ground in my apartment parking lot for several days and finally I thought it must have something wrong so I caught it and took it to a pigeon rescue place 75 miles away.  Then they told me there was nothing wrong with it and it was just acting like the young, dumb pigeon that it was. 


Alright, so now that my little ramble of “things about me” is over (aren’t you glad?), I’m passing this award on!

And the winners are:

  1. I need to find more!

Congrats ladies!  You have one more bloggy award to add to your (I’m sure) growing collection. 

All these blogs are inspiring, welcoming, and full of great ideas, so have fun checking them out!



  1. Thank you so much for the mention. I think your blog is pretty stylish too! I recently was awarded the Stylish Blogger award and don't think I can come up with another 'about me' list : ) Hope you understand and THNAKS for thinking of me! I enjoyed reading your list. I love animals too- love the pigeon story! Where I work in the city, they COVER the streets and are always so dumb to move they practically get stepped on. Most people think they are awful but I like them- such pretty shiny feathers lol


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