2011 Project Ideas


Some days I have a flood of project ideas.  Sometimes, when I’m in bed, eyes shut, lights out, I realize I’m doing the “my-eyes-are-closed-but-actually-kind-of-squinting-and-keeping-myself-awake” thing because I’m thinking about a new and exciting project. 

Other days, I feel like I’ve hit the project wall.  I’m blank.  Nothing is coming to me or I don’t know where to start, so I plop my bum down on the couch instead Smile  It’s really productive.  Or not.

Saturday was a productive day.  I took down our exterior Christmas lights and garland and got it all put away. It’s been SO.COLD the last couple days, I was really noticing all the drafts coming through the old, cracked caulking around (pretty much all) the windows.  So I also caulked the kitchen window and a few other spots I’d been noticing.  We have plastic over a couple of windows, so I’ll have to wait to caulk those.  Then, since it was above freezing and we could actually use the wet saw, I helped tile the shower cubby in the master bathroom. 




Sorry, it’s hard to take un-shaky photos of yourself. Smile with tongue out  (Nick was downstairs working the saw.)  And yes, I have heard of makeup, thankyouverymuch. 

And then I was tuckered and had to retire to my permanent-butt-divot on the couch.

But my feeling-productive streak is hanging in there today, so I thought I should get a list of projects down that I’ve been thinking of lately.  It’ll be a good reminder for me on those ‘blank’ days.

  • Closet:  Install another shelf.  Find/make organizers for existing shelves.
  • Master bath:  Finish tiling.  Paint and caulk trim and doors. Caulk vanity. Install TP holder.  Replace brass hinges on doors.  Paint touch-ups.  Organize vanity. Install shower doors.  Accessorize.
  • Organize linen closet.
  • Master bedroom:  Paint ceiling (again).  Make and install “cornice” project.  Put up crown molding. Raise curtain rod, find window treatments.  Put something on the walls – anything.  Accessorize.  New headboard? New pillows!  Maybe new bedding.
  • Accessorize the powder room already.  Geez.
  • Revamp stairwell frames.
  • Find new coffee table for living room.
  • Insulate garage.  Maybe drywall garage.  Make my “clothes rod organizer” and find a place to install it (in the garage).
  • Make a rain barrel.  Explore the “irrigation project” idea.
  • Redo the house numbers.
  • Find/make bench for front porch. Paint the ceiling of the porch.  Decorate the porch Smile
  • Fix the dangling-by-one-nail fence panel on the side of the house.
  • Find some use for the “wooden box”  – or get rid of it.
  • Think about the “library” idea.
  • Think about the laundry room idea (never know when a machine is going to go kaput! and that will be my opportunity…)

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