Finding My Style


Finding my style seems to be an ongoing challenge.  A lot of our house isn’t “decorated” yet because I just haven’t quite figured out what I want to do.

On one hand, I think there’s a definite rustic element in our taste – which we definitely manifested in our fireplace.  Other elements in the living room help contribute to the rustic feel as well.

On one hand, I really like cottage style – which I aimed for in the kitchen and dining room.  I also think “cottage” fits better with our home’s exterior than rustic or modern styles. 


Next, I really appreciate some elements of modern décor, which I think can add a whimsical character when mixed with more rustic elements.

Photo from


And finally, I aspire to décor that’s just a little unique and unexpected, which of course always makes me think twice when I see something interesting.

With all those decorating styles, one challenge remains.  Even if I successfully implement the look I’m going for in one room…there needs to be a continuation of style throughout the house.  And there’s the rub Winking smile

It’s a fun problem to have! Open-mouthed smile


  1. I love that last picture- with the blue wall and the keys. I have a project in mind to frame some old skeleton keys. Have fun decorating! And don't feel rushed- the best rooms come together over time when you find stuff you love : )


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