New Year’s Resolutions–A LIST!

I love lists.

So my New Year’s Resolutions are pretty lame, and they might actually be more of a to-do list, but I’m putting them down here just to make them public and myself (maybe) more accountable to them.

  1. Get the shower tiled asap (aka finish the bathroom remodel).  Then we can finally move all the way back into our own bathroom.  This is actually more in the Hubby’s court than mine.  We were going to do it this last weekend, but it was MUCH too cold to use the wet saw, even in the garage. 
  2. “Decorate” the bathroom  (this mostly means “buy some rugs” and “install a toilet paper holder”!)  But the walls definitely need something too…
  3. No unnecessary big home projects this year.  It’s going to be a year of enjoying *both* the remodels from 2010 – namely, the bathroom and the fireplace.  We do know that our 12 year old water heater is on borrowed time…so we’re bracing for that one.
  4. Learn how to play golf well enough that Hubby and I can hit the course together without holding up any Grumpy Old Men behind us Smile
  5. Get my butt to the gym once a week, starting with Zumba class tonight.  Gotta set realistic goals here, right?
  6. Cook dinner, including vegetables, at least twice a week.  Our current reliance on burritos and homemade “egg mcmuffins” needs to be minimized.
  7. Go on a vacation!  We decided to put our 2010 vacation budget toward the bathroom remodel, so an actual vacation is a priority in 2011.  We’re thinking it will include DisneyWorld and Harry Potter-land! Yay!
  8. Drink one glass of water a day.  I’m a notorious non-water-drinker, so this is actually a challenge. 
  9. Make church more of a priority and “Sunday-morning-muffins-and-HGTV” less of one.  I think this means going to services …let’s say twice a month for starters.  Our church seems to consist 90% of people at least 30 years older than us, so it’s been tough to get involved and make connections.  I’ll have to look harder.

Aaaand I think that wraps it up!  I was going for ten, but nine is enough. We’ll see how it goes Winking smile

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