Bathroom Light Fixtures: A Review

Way back in early November, I started my hunt for bathroom light fixtures. 

Right around that same time, incidentally, CSN Stores asked me to review a product from one of their extensive websites.

It worked out perfectly!

I found *exactly* what I was looking for at CSN, and I’m very happy to be reviewing it now for you!

We picked out the Vaxcel Vine Vanity Light in Oil Shale from

They are very similar to some at Home Depot, but the Home Depot version was too long….and this one was just right, at 18”.  One of the greatest things about the CSN websites is you can set a ton of different criteria so you don’t have to filter through hundreds of options that don’t work for whatever reason.


And here they are on the wall, lit up for the world to see!!!  (Bathroom is still only partially finished…)


The fixture is rated for up to 100 watts, and we put 75W bulbs in them. 

The only downside so far is I had to tape around the base of the fixture when I painted over a patched area of drywall, and when I took the tape off, some of the fixtures’ finish came off too.  Super bummer. 



It’s not very noticeable, especially since you’d have to be looking right up into the lights to see it.


I still love the design…and the price was right too.

Overall, I’d say they’re 90% perfect Smile

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