Update aka ‘Bout Dang Time


Wow I have a lot of updating to do on our bathroom project!

How about some pictures to get started?

Here’s what we’ve accomplished so far:

Needless to say, as you will see in all these pictures….the drywall is up Winking smile


The trim is back up in the bedroom and closet



The bathroom has been painted (but needs a second coat …)


The closet has been painted and the new clothes rod is almost finished


Now we have working electrical outlets!  And light fixtures!


We installed the concrete board on the floor in preparation for the tile:


And we have the bottom portion of our vanity installed, with the countertop sitting in place (but not yet glued on):


Whoo hoo!


Almost every one of those things I just mentioned has a “but” that goes with it.

  • The light fixtures are in place, but the drywall needed to be patched, so now I need to prime and paint around the fixtures where the new drywall is.  It was just patched yesterday, so I’m on the 24-hour wait before I can go  prime it. Um… then an hour before I can paint it.
  • The clothes rod is almost done, but we got the wrong shelf board and there’s a slight problem with one end of the rod that needs fixing.  And I need to prime and paint the wood to match the rest of the closet.
  • The bathroom is painted, but every time I go in there, I see another thin spot that needs touching up.
  • The trim in the closet and bedroom is in place, but the nail holes need to be filled in and the trim needs to be caulked.  Then it needs to be painted.
  • The vanity is almost done, but it’s waiting on me to get those patched areas painted so the cabinet guy can come back and help me with the counter and the hutch.  The plumber can’t come back over until the cabinet guy is done…the cabinet guy can’t come over until I’m done….and I won’t be done until tonight…and he probably doesn’t want to come on the weekend….
  • The floor has concrete board, but now it needs tile…and 24 hours after that, it will need grout! Open-mouthed smile
  • And I haven’t mentioned that we need to paint the bedroom ceiling (ugh, I know, and totally unexpected)….and the walls.
  • And that we have the carpet being installed on ….Monday!
  • Excuse me while I go freak out.


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