Bathroom Remodel 101


As I prepare to discard my bathroom planning materials, I thought I’d lead you through some of the planning process.  And the huge stack of brochures necessary for that task!  I hate to get rid of them without at least some fanfare.

Here’s part of the pile….I almost needed a briefcase or a tote bag or something just to haul all these suckers around!

We started (months ago) by picking up a brochure at Home Depot for a line of pre-made cabinets.  It’s a cool concept, because you can piece together various sizes for whatever total length you need.  We thought we’d be going with a 24” vanity, an 18” drawer bank, and a 24” vanity which would have given us a total 66” long vanity.

But…Once we had decided on a new layout and gotten the contractor’s blessing that it was doable, well, those cabinets suddenly didn’t work anymore. 


Because the real measurement needed to be 65” long.


Luckily, our contractor knows a great cabinet guy who could make us the exact size vanity we needed, with the stain (and wood species) we wanted.  We ended up using only the ideas from the original brochure, but not ordering from it.  PLUS the cost was $500 cheaper to go the custom route!  Surprising, huh?

Next, we tackled the plumbing issue.  We decided to get our faucets etc from a plumber’s supply house.  I PORED over the Delta catalogue…lots of notes….a couple visits to the showroom…and plenty of dog-eared-pages later, we had our fixtures picked out.


I love that shower set!  But it’s not the one we picked out.  This one is pretty pricey.

Then we picked up information on shower doors.  Solid glass? Check.  1/4 inch solid glass? Check.  5/8 inch solid glass? Check.  Price of solid glass?  GASP.  Rewind!

Despite the price of the beautiful, heavy glass shower doors, they didn’t really work in our space anyway.  We needed a bypass sliding door.  And good thing, because they’re a LOT cheaper!

Then we had to figure out the countertop situation.  I told you all about that here, so I won’t bore you again with the same-ol-story. 

The light fixtures were easy – CSN Stores made sure of it.  As soon as they’re installed, I’ll finally fill you in on those.

And whoa nelly, tile was the final challenge.  Wow.  The tile surprised me.  (Good thing there wasn’t a brochure for tile, or I’d need a rolling suitcase.)  We found some pieces at the big-box-stores that we liked initially.  The price on them was very reasonable as well.  But they didn’t have certain pieces we needed….like bullnose edges.  We’re also planning to do a dual-color pattern, but we had a LOT of trouble finding the same tile in those two colors. (Oh yes, I should mention, they are exceedingly UNUSUAL colors too – like uh, gray?  and tan?)

Alright, well we finally went to a “real” tile store.  We got fabulous service there, a lot of installation tips, and more choices than we can shake a stick at!  In fact….we got more choices than we need, because it does get a little paralyzing with so many options.  We found great tile in the perfect colors, plus some fun little trim pieces.  We’re going back tonight to get it all ordered and on the way. 

Did I mention the floor tile is SO.COOL??? It is really neat stuff…not your typical tile, peeps!  I’ll show you soon!

I’ll also mention that we had to be careful at the tile store.  There are some gorgeous options….but some of those come with scary-high prices.  Sticker shock! 

And now it’s all coming together!  The drywall will be done by the weekend (drywall really takes a while doesn’t it?).  Over the weekend, we’ll prime and paint.  Then hopefully next week, the vanity will be installed and we can get the floor tiled.  Whew. 

I haven’t even THOUGHT about the Christmas tree yet…

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