Bathroom Update! And more!


Whew!  I’ve been out of blogging commission for a while it seems! 

This past weekend was major catch up time.


We got our vanity top ordered, finally.


We explored tile options and realized how disappointing the tile aisle is at Home Depot and Lowe’s. 


And the big news is our second building inspection (the first inspector – a substitute for the regular guy- laid some very unreasonable demands on the table) was a success, and now we can move forward with drywall in the new bathroom.

Here’s where we’re at:

Looking from the bedroom, into the bathroom, through the future shower cubby:



The newly insulated shower wall:



The wiring for the new dedicated “shower light””:



Some paint splotches of a color that actually will end up in the bedroom, so I’m not even sure why I kept putting it on the bathroom wall… what do you think?  The darker or the lighter one?


The view from the bathroom into the newly expanded closet (you can see the stripe on the floor where the old wall was):


One of the new light fixtures waiting to be installed.  I got it at CSN Stores!  I’ll definitely tell you more about this one later too.


And tomorrow…I THINK….we’re getting drywall.  Whoo hoo!!! 

Then we can prime, and maybe paint. (But we need to pick a color first…)

And then our vanity (which is done!) gets installed! 

And THEN we start the adventure known as “a couple of ignoramuses tiling the bathroom floor and shower without knowing what they’re doing.”

Should be a disaster fun!

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