Busy Busy Busy


It’s Thanksgiving week.

And I feel so busy!

Our master bath is still rough plumbing and 2x4s….

I’ve got some cookin’ to do.  Ok, just one casserole, but still.  It’s on the list!

I went somewhere at lunch today…my car died three times.  Fabulous.  I’m embarking on some DIY car repair tonight.  Wish me luck.  I hope it solves the problem. 

Gotta travel halfway across the country for work on Monday morning.  Found out about it …yesterday.  ugh.

The electrician is coming tomorrow.  At 7:30.  In the morning.

We leave tomorrow night for Thanksgiving #1.  Then we leave Friday morning for Thanksgiving #2. 

Fun fun fun.

Busy busy busy.


  1. That's crazy. Hope the car is just something simple, they can be so expensive. We are just home for Thanksgiving but that does mean I have to cook it all. Ugh!Be careful with all that traveling. Hope the winter storm that is hitting here isn't where you are.Brooke


  2. Hi Katie- Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. This post is how I felt the entire month of November! My November stats were- 3 Thanksgivings, 1 car accident, 0 blog posts BUT yes, we did install baseboards-finally, finally! I am so impressed that you are taking on the bathroom remodel. I have a 1970's bathroom upstairs complete with gold toilet and bamboo mirrors. I need inspiration to finally tackled that thing one day! Enjoying following along with your bathroom remodel!


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