It’s Snowing! Snowflakes and Sheetrock


We got our first snow last night!  Average first snow for our area is October 19th…so we’re a little overdue.

And, since we’re still on track to start our bathroom/closet remodel next week, we got started on some demo last night as well.


Because we’re still using our bedroom and our bathroom (we’ll move out of them officially in the next few days), we only demo’d the inside wall of the closet, to contain some of the dust and get our feet wet.  We’ve never demolished anything before Smile  It’s pretty fun!

IMG_3104 IMG_3105

We also took up the carpet in the closet as well as the adhesive tile in the bathroom.  The tile left some very sticky residue, so we used a strip of the old carpet on the floor.  We may need to get some adhesive remover…we’re not sure yet if it’s safe to tile over stickiness. Does anyone know?


We’re still waiting on a revised bid, since we changed one aspect of the reno, but that should come in soon.  The contractor is still planning to start next week, so I guess that’s a sign he’ll have the revision ready for us this week Smile

IMG_3109  IMG_3108

We started demo’ing a little early so we could take advantage of our mostly empty trash bin and Thursday pick-up.  I forgot it won’t get picked up until tomorrow due to the holiday, so it’s already out there, stuffed full and ready to go Smile

Then we’ll fill it back up!

P.S.  I met with the ‘cabinet guy’ yesterday.  He’s going to custom-build our new vanity.  Usually, I assume the home stores will be cheaper because they benefit from economies of scale.  BUT…the exact same size and style of vanity ordered from Home Depot would have been…..$550 more than having it custom made.  So check with your local craftsmen next time you’re thinking of ordering from a home store – you might be surprised what the price difference really is.

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