Monday Musings


Ahhh our front yard has that lovely sweet fall smell of rotten leaves.  Sounds gross, smells good Smile 

Has anyone ever tried using a leaf blower to

  1. Blow shredded bark mulch out of areas it shouldn’t be (like out of the rock mulch)? 
  2. Blow leaves out of shredded bark mulch areas?

Has anyone ever tried renting a leaf blower? 

Obviously, I’m thinking of trying out a leaf blower for a couple different purposes Smile but I don’t really want to buy one before I know whether it works for the uses I mentioned above.

Our weather is supposed to be 73 degrees and sunny today.  Barf! 

Fall is not supposed to be 73 degrees.  And you already know that I don’t like sunny fall days either.  Wind, clouds, rain…I’ll take any of those over sun in the months of October-January.

We need to figure out what we’re doing for Thanksgiving.

Did I tell you about the tree protector/cage we had to rig up last weekend?  We were diligently watering our newly replaced tree (making every possible effort to keep this one alive because if it dies too, the replacement won’t be free next time) when we noticed something.


…something that looks a little bit like….cat scratches?

Well, FUNNY, but our backyard grass/mulch/garden beds happen to be the neighborhood litter box for all our neighbors’ roaming kitties (at least 5 separate cats appear in our backyard on a weekly basis, sometimes 2 at a time and we have really entertaining and LOUD cat fights), so it makes perfect sense that our tree has become the neighborhood scratching post as well. 

So we grabbed some fencing and some stakes from the garage and rigged up a little solution.


Next summer’s solution? One of these:


Don’t know what this is?  I shall draw you a picture:


It’s a motion-activated sprinkler Open-mouthed smile  And I didn’t actually draw that picture Winking smile

I do like cats.  But not when they poop in our yard and scratch our trees.

Happy Monday!

One comment

  1. Sorry about the poopin' and scratchin'. I know what you mean I have a dog problem around here, wonder if the sprinkler would work on them? I wanted to tell you, I love the idea of painting my table base black too. I will get to that eventually. Hopefully. Probably next spring. Ha. You know how it goes.Brooke


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