Halloween – A Retrospect

We actually had to come up with costumes this year for a Halloween party on Saturday night.  The party’s theme was “Heroes & Villains” so we came up with this:

A detective and a ‘cat burglar’! 

But to really get the reference, notice the huge pink “diamond” ring I’m wearing….

NONE of our friends got it, because apparently we’re the only ones who’ve seen any of the Pink Panther movies.  We were not just ANY detective and cat burglar…..we were Inspector Clouseau and the jewel thief who stole the Pink Panther diamond!

The costumes were pretty easy – all black clothes for me, plus the plastic diamond ring, the stuffed cat (Goodwill), and a mask painted on with face paint.   Then I put a black belt with it and went around the house looking for stuff to attach to the belt to make it a “utility belt”.  I ended up with a flashlight, a bit of wire, a multi-tool, and our camera all attached to my belt 🙂  Who needs a purse?


For the Hubster, we found a trench coat at Goodwill, a bucket hat which I modified slightly with glue and twill ribbon, a fake moustache, and a magnifying glass we already had. 

 IMG_3030 IMG_3032

Hubs couldn’t smile with the fake moustache – it was the biggest waste of $5 EVER!  It didn’t stay on more than a couple minutes at a time.  We should’ve just painted a moustache on.

Either way, it was fun even if no one *quite* got the message 🙂

Halloween10 K

Halloween10 N


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