Busy Busy Busy

  It’s Thanksgiving week. And I feel so busy! Our master bath is still rough plumbing and 2x4s…. I’ve got some cookin’ to do.  Ok, just one casserole, but still.  It’s on the list! I went somewhere at lunch today…my car died three times.  Fabulous.  I’m embarking on some DIY car repair tonight.  Wish me luck.  I hope it solves the problem.  Gotta travel halfway … Continue reading Busy Busy Busy

Master Bath: Demolition!

  Over the weekend, we went from this: The closet, with one section of drywall removed. Looking into the bathroom from the closet.  Flooring has been removed (a strip of carpet covers the sticky adhesive and makes the floor tolerable to walk on.) To THIS: New and improved!!  NOT.  The bathtub and old vinyl surround were installed pre-sheetrock, so the tub in this picture is … Continue reading Master Bath: Demolition!

It’s Snowing! Snowflakes and Sheetrock

  We got our first snow last night!  Average first snow for our area is October 19th…so we’re a little overdue. And, since we’re still on track to start our bathroom/closet remodel next week, we got started on some demo last night as well. Because we’re still using our bedroom and our bathroom (we’ll move out of them officially in the next few days), we … Continue reading It’s Snowing! Snowflakes and Sheetrock

Monday Musings

  Ahhh our front yard has that lovely sweet fall smell of rotten leaves.  Sounds gross, smells good   Has anyone ever tried using a leaf blower to Blow shredded bark mulch out of areas it shouldn’t be (like out of the rock mulch)?  Blow leaves out of shredded bark mulch areas? Has anyone ever tried renting a leaf blower?  Obviously, I’m thinking of trying … Continue reading Monday Musings