Master Bath: Master Plans

Yesterday I took the plunge and introduced you to our master bath and closet.  It’s a bit of a weird feeling showing the world your jam-packed closet and probably-in-need-of-cleaning bathroom.  Well I had to get over it, because those are going to be the ‘before’ pictures. 

How do you like that toilet paper wall decor?  Pretty “plush” huh 😉

IMG_2994 IMG_3000

We had our trusty contractor over a few weeks ago to take a look at the situation and give us a general idea of what it would cost to move some walls and some plumbing around for a little better layout.  Without the faintest clue of what something like that would cost, we were looking for just a ballpark idea of what we needed (or needed to save.)

I’ve seen “What You Get for the Money.”  And “10 Grand in your Hand”.  And scores of other TV shows depicting bathroom renos.

I was afraid of what that bid would come in at, because I really hoped it wasn’t going to turn out to be an “over-improving” situation….in which case, we’d just live with what we have.

BUT thankfully, the estimate came in MUCH less than what we were hoping for. 

We also know our contractor has very little business these days, so the estimate combined with knowing he’s short on work have resulted in a decision to move forward.  !!!!! YAY !!!!!!

Here’s where we’re going:


Don’t worry – our 15’x15’ current bedroom will still be a decent size afterwards, at 15’x12’. 


And to remind you why we’re changing things up, here’s our current layout in “blueprint” form (ha):

Bathroom Diagram


Me too 😀


  1. Oh my heck! What a great plan. You are seriously doing the right thing. My bedroom is 12×16 and plenty big. You need that space for your bath and closet. It will be great. I can't believe the bid came under what you were thinking… that never happens. Good for you.Can't wait to see the changes.Brooke


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