Lovely, Rainy, Dreary Fall Day

Finally it’s starting to feel like fall!  Our temps seem to be officially out of the 80s, and this morning was beautifully cloudy, grey, and rainy.  But right now it’s blue sky (blech).  Blue sky is great in the spring and summer.  But in the fall and winter, I’m a grey-sky kinda girl.

Not much going on this week.  I have a few unfinished projects and a few ideas, but nothing fun enough to show yet.  We’ve had friends over the last two weekends, so we’re a little behind on getting stuff done. 

At some point this week, we need to blow out the sprinkler system.  I mean, have someone come over (again) and show us if/how we need to do it.  Last year a so-called expert tried to help us and he couldn’t figure it out. 

Not much in the way of leaves yet, so nothing to rake up. 

We haven’t had a freeze yet, so even the plants are still green and not yet ready to trim down.  As soon as that freeze comes though, the plants will be trimmed back, and a few problem areas will be repaired on our deck.  We thought we’d have to completely rebuild the deck since it was not originally built with treated wood and some of the joists are rotting.  But our contractor thinks we’ll get at least a few more years out of it if we just repair those bad joists.   We’re letting him handle the repairs even though they aren’t major. They need to be done right if we’re going to stretch the structural integrity out a couple more years!  After those few years are up though….it’ll have to be a complete redo.

Who builds a deck without using treated wood anyway?


  1. You sound like me! We've been having blue-skied weather and too warm for me – highs being around 60* some days – maybe not that high now, but still too warm. For goodness sakes, it's fall, not spring and I'm ready for fall, not summer and spring right now! And in the fall, I want rain, it seems like rainy season. I don't want blue skies every day! So, there's my big, long list of complaints . . . oh well, though, I should be thankful it usually doesn't get in the teens and lower temps here:) Aimee


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