A S’Boo’ky Candelabra

Not too long ago, I saw Sandra at Sawdust and Paper Scraps turn some old lamps into one seriously fantastic spooky floor candelabra.  Is this not the coolest candelabra ever??
Sandra's Candelabra
Thanks Sandra, for a great idea!
I didn’t have any lamps, and I wasn’t sure how my version would be supported, but I started with a candle chandelier I found at Goodwill several months ago.  I think it was $3?
Did I mention I found this exact same candelabra on Amazon?  For $32 + $9 shipping?
Ok, so then I grabbed some old Mardi Gras beads I had been keeping for some reason, and some black spray paint. (Actually it’s leftover from painting our kitchen light fixture.)
Did some spraying….
Cut the beads apart….
Attached the beads strategically…
Added a really cool crow from the dollar store….
And then I had an awesome candelabra!  But no place to hang the darn thing…
But then I got another idea.
I brought in a shepherd’s hook from the garden….yanked some spent plants out of a pot on the porch and brought the pot inside…
Covered up the dirt with a pumpkin and a dollar store leafy vine…
I now have a “S’boo’ky Candelabra” that has a place to hang!
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