A 3-C Centerpiece: Cute, Compact, Cheap!

I have a small kitchen table.  Our table seats 4, with really no room for any more butts, no matter how hard they try to get in there.
So because our table is small, it needs small centerpieces.  And it also needs centerpieces that are easily picked up in one piece to move out of the way.
With that in mind….I needed a fall centerpiece but didn’t know what to do.
So I went into the guest room, where all my dollar store fall goodies are laid out on the bed, and I stared for a while.  Looked around the room, looked in the closet (never know where you’ll find something that might work), and I got an idea!
I grabbed

  • A little Goodwill copper bucket thing.  I was really wishing I had some kind of wire basket though…like the cute $5 one I saw at WalMart over the weekend…..
  • An unused white pillar candle
  • The grocery sack of pine cones I keep in the pantry for various uses.
  • A jar of artichoke hearts.  Then I saw something better and put the artichokes back.
  • Finally, from the guest-bed-fall-decor-pile, I took a roll of dollar store ribbon and a package of fake leaves
  • And then, because I’m lazy as all get out, I grabbed the packing tape.

Let’s see…..how do I make this tutorial as short as possible so you can run and make your own centerpiece?
Ok – I got it….

Throw it all together!
Wait, first take your leaves and arrange them around the basket/bucket and bend their stems underneath.
Secure stems with packing tape 🙂
Ok, NOW throw it all together!
Set your candle up on your jar of artichokes inside the basket! (or on the “better” jar you’re using instead)
Toss the pine cones in around your candle…
Wrap some ribbon around your candle…
And now you have a CUTE, EASY, and CHEAP centerpiece! 
…which would also work great on a side table, on your hearth or wherever else 🙂


IMG_2744            IMG_2745       
Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. That centerpiece is adorable! I enjoyed reading your blog and am now a follower! Saw you on My BY Eden. Stop by if you get a chance:www.karismaheartsavannah.blogspot.com


  2. that IS cute! Don't you love it when things come together? (Oh, I think I totally bought that $5 wire basket at Target the other day! Black? Kind of swirly wire?) 🙂


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