An Easy, Inexpensive Fall Wreath

I’ve been thinking for a while that my little (emphasize “little”) summer wreath has needed to go.  It finally sunk in that it was just a little too small for a front-door wreath, and of course, fall is rapidly approaching, so clearly the stars were aligning for a new wreath!
Well, I might’ve mentioned a few days ago that I picked up some “fall decor supplies”…..
Well, indeed I did!  From the Dollar Store! 
Never underestimate the Dollar Store (or Dollar General or whatever) for some serious bang for your decorating buck.
And fall decor, well, you can leave it up from September all the way through until you get sick of it and are ready for the Christmas decorations to come out.  Can’t say that about Halloween or Thanksgiving decor.
That being said, I’m a big fan of fall, but my fall decor is very sparse.  In fact, prior to my dollar store shopping spree, my fall decor was limited to one leaf garland and a couple of doo-dads.
I really needed some more fall-ish silk flowers, because they’re so easy to decorate with – put some here, lay some there, and you’re done! 
I also found a couple of these great little garlands, which gave me an idea for a new wreath:
So when I got home, I went looking for this little Goodwill find still sitting in the closet from oh…9 months ago.
I knew it would be perfect.
So I plopped my butt down on the floor and got to work.
I laid one of the vines on top the wreath and tied it on with some twine.
With some help, of course.
Then I rummaged around in my “craft bin” and found an unused pick that I’ve had forever and never found a good use for…and a random flower that fell off something else.  Funny, but the flower looks suspiciously like a mum…
I jammed them into the wreath until they seemed sufficiently stuck.  (hey, whatever works!)
Then I finished it off with a roll of pretty, leafy ribbon, also obtained at the Dollar Store for the low, low price of …. you guessed it…$1.00.
Then I removed the tired “spring/summer” wreath from the front door, and hung up the new one for the world to see 🙂
And AFTER (ahhhhh)
Much better proportions, don’t you think? 
For $2 plus some stuff laying around the house (and maybe a trip to the thrift store if you don’t have a grapevine wreath – they ALWAYS have some), you can have a totally rockin’ autumn wreath too!
Thanks for stopping by! 🙂
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