A DIY “Roman Valance”

Right after we moved in, and I took down the prior homeowners’ lovely flowery valance covered in dust, the kitchen window looked like this …


And now that the walls and cabinets are painted, it’s about darn time I did something with it!

So off to the fabric store…!!


I found my fabric in the expensive decorator fabrics section…luckily it was 40% off, but it was still $20 for a yard.  I only needed one yard (whew).



Washed it to get the fabric softener out (per the directions on my hem tape) and hung it up to dry, wrinkles and all.



Then I got out the iron and hem tape.  First I ironed the fabric nice and smooth, then I pressed in the hems and secured them with hem tape.  Then I pressed in the rod pocket and secured that with hem tape too.

 IMG_2569  IMG_2572   IMG_2571


Then I got out my little sewing kit (no joke!  This is THE lamest sewing kit ever…but it works for the teensy bit of sewing I’ve ever done.)



I stitched three stitches to secure the rod pocket – one at each end and one in the middle, just to keep it from falling if the hem tape ever releases.

Then I just started messing with my fabric and various folds etc, until I found something I liked – no cutting involved.



After several iterations like the one above, and a lot of standing on the countertop messing with safety pins, I finally found a “design” I liked.

I used five safety pins (why sew if the pins work just fine?) to hold the folds where I wanted them. I safety pinned the fold to the back of the rod pocket so you can’t see the pins from the front.

This also helps to adjust it once it’s up and maybe not laying quite right.



I hand-stitched some sparkly trim to the bottom….(probably could’ve used hem tape for this too!)


And put up my new, custom kitchen window “Roman Valance”!

Because, after all, it’s sort of like a Roman shade, but it’s a valance too 🙂






I’m pretty pleased with my fabric + no sewing skills window treatment!  And it was $20 for the fabric, and $3 for the trim (with a coupon)!  Not bad, not bad at all. 🙂Sig

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  1. Beautiful! I love the fabric and your kitchen colors. I'm pretty crafty, but I love easy quick unexpensive DIYs! Thanks for sharing! And you have great photography skills too!Ana


  2. nice job! wish i would have seen this 3 days ago…i just finished putting up new roman shades in my den, and it was a BEAR trying to get the folds all the same on all 4 windows I covered…your way seems much easier!!!!! 😉


  3. Great idea! thanks so much for sharing. I love the fabric!!! I've been looking for something similar. Do you remember the name of the fabric or who makes it by chance?


  4. Hi Anonymous 🙂 I've always loved that name 😉 I think the fabric was called \”Evening Scroll\” and I found it at Joann. Hope that helps! Best,KatiePS Wait for a 50% off sale on their decorator fabrics – I think they're pretty often!


  5. What color did you paint your kitchen? I have been trying to get that color for my bathroom but can't seem to get it just right!~Kendall W.


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