DIY Hurricane Lamps – With a Twist

I’ve been seeing the fabulous DIY hurricane lamps (or should I say “hurricane candle holders”?) all over the blogosphere.  I admired them, but I never made it a point to get the tall glass cylinders, and actually make some.

Until…. I was rearranging my pantry and had a canning jar sitting next to an unused glass taper holder.

DING! We have a winner!

I only had one canning jar I wasn’t using, and only one candle holder, so I stopped by Goodwill and (miraculously) picked up one more of each.  The jar was 50% off of .25c (big spender, I am) and the candle holder was 50% off $1.  I somehow found the EXACT same candle holder that matched the one I had, and I got the only wide-mouth quart canning jar on the shelf.  Meant to be?

Got out the Gorilla Glue….and used my decor and Mod Podge for a functional purpose while the glue was drying 🙂

And now I have my own version!  Plus, I think canning jars are such cute decor in my new cottage-y kitchen.  I even like how the brand names are different – it makes it all the more unique.

And here they are incorporated into a little fall display on my beautiful “new buffet” ….(we are into September after all!)

And maybe at some point, I’ll put candles in both of them, but I wanted some pine cones on the buffet somewhere, and putting them in the jar just seemed natural.  I picked up some really cool new fall decor supplies yesterday, so when I “officially” decorate for fall, I’ll change these around a little bit more.  For now, though, I dig my new “hurricanes” 🙂

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  1. This is fantastic! I haven't seen this before, and I LOVE it! They look amazing! And I also love how you put moss and pinecones in one of them! :)I think I am going to have to \”copy\” you, if you don't mind! When I do, I'll link back to you and this post, so people will know where I got this great idea! :)I hope you have a great day!Blessings,JenniBeautiful Nest


  2. I came here looking for fall decor ideas, but I absolutely fell in love with the Scandinavian table prayer on your buffet! Where did you find it? It is absolutely gorgeous, and I would love to find something similar that is not the traditional blue and yellow.


  3. Hi Janet! Our table prayer was actually a wedding gift from an aunt, so I'm not totally sure where it came from. I *think* it was handmade by a lady in Sioux Falls. Nearly everyone in our (Norwegian) family has some version of it. If you're really interested, shoot me an email, and I will call around and try to find out where it came from.


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