Kitchen Accessories

I finally got around to accessorizing in the kitchen!  For a whole year after moving in, I didn’t even think about doing cute things in there because I knew I wanted to paint the walls, cabinets, etc.
But now those things are done, and I’m free to decorate 🙂
I stopped by the ReStore, Hobby Lobby, and Goodwill the other day and found some serious treasure.  I didn’t even redo any of it, I liked everything so much.  Add that to a couple of finds from Tuesday Morning, and it looks like a welcoming and warm living space.
Above the cabinets is where most of the decor is.  I don’t want the counters to get too cluttered because it just makes them harder to wipe off.  I’m already annoyed by the toaster that sits out and looks all crumby (ha – get it!)   I wish I had a corner cabinet to put an appliance garage under, but our corner cabinet is the cheap kind – a huge rectangle box that goes waaaay back into the corner.
My general thought on kitchen decor was to lean toward a certain color scheme of greens, reds, browns, and whites.  And, since those colors remind me of a country style rooster image, rooster and chicken designs were my secondary goal (but I’m not saying that too loudly because I have witnessed the avalanche of pigs that descended on my mom’s kitchen after she decided she was decorating with pigs!!!) 

First, an “old” sign I found at Tuesday Morning for $5:
Naturally, I thought it should go near the coffee maker.  And a super cute little ceramic-and-tin chicken that I picked up from the 80% off aisle at Hobby Lobby (for $2.99!) just rounded out the area perfectly.  (Plus, the chicken’s ceramic is nice and easy to wipe off, which is a must with it placed near the stove.)

IMG_2510  IMG_2513  

In that same trip to Hobby Lobby, I also found a wrought iron and crystal taper candle holder.  Right now, it’s keeping the knife block company.  I really love the combination of rustic + sparkle, and this fits the bill.


Now for the ReStore and Goodwill finds!
A cute plaque:


And a plaque, sculpture thing,  some bird themed items, and a neat old copper teapot:


And finally, the beautiful sterling silver tray from my grandma’s silver tea set:


IMG_2533 The wine bottle and urn are afterthoughts.  They still need some help 😉

And a little mish-mash “vignette” (uh, pile?) that includes some plants and another Tuesday Morning find.  I know it’s fall-ish, but I really like it, so it’ll just be the first taste of fall decor in our house 🙂
          IMG_2528  IMG_2530

For those of you who never find anything good at thrift stores….keep looking! 
Have a great day!


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