A Refinished Buffet


The Craigslist buffet is done!  Of course I didn’t take a single good “before” picture, but here are several not-so-good before pictures, plus one of the hutch to give you an idea of the original coloring (I haven’t started on the hutch yet):


The buffet, being used to prop up our recently repainted kitchen cabinet doors.  You can see the shelf inside the cupboard on the right, flipped up against the back.  The buffet’s cupboard doors were glass-less when we got it.  Apparently they had chicken wire in them at some point. 


The matching hutch, which served as my workbench 🙂


The mysterious “dirt” found all over the buffet which didn’t come off with any sort of cleaning agent.  It ended up just being primed over with a couple coats of Kilz.


The disgusting drawer tracks, also covered with the mysterious “dirt”.  I bought new tracks to avoid having to mess with these at all.  Grody.


The buffet in progress with my handy-dandy orbital sander.  Check out all the yellowing/nastiness on that paint!

For more details on the refinishing process and my foray into using paint stripper, check out this post.

And after scrubbing, sanding, re-staining, lots of primer, re-painting, new drawer tracks ($15), glass panes for the doors ($16), and a couple coats of poly all over…..

I have a brand new buffet that matches PERFECTLY with our laminate floor and our freshly painted cream colored kitchen cabinets!  Almost like it was made for our house.  Oh, wait…IT WAS!  (sorta)

Ta DA!


And some of my favorite details….


The beautiful textured felt now lining the drawers.


The pull-out serving area.



The gorgeous top that somehow stained to perfectly match our floor.


The wine racks, with some “olive garden” style decor 😉


And after a bit of quick accessorizing.

Once again, all together now……

BEFORE – a much used but less loved “has-been” in need of some TLC:


And AFTER – a lovely new version and the focal point of our dining room:




And now I get to PUT STUFF IN IT!  Wheeeeeee!  The possibilities….!

Have a great day!


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  1. Just found your blog on NFF bloghop. That is a terrific makeover…very nice work! Can't wait to check out the rest of your blog…come stop by and say hi.


  2. WOW! That is a beautiful makeover! You must have some extreme patience. It looks amazing and I love it! Thanks for sharing.


  3. This redo is amazing! It does look like it was made for the space. Using new drawer slides was a good idea. I have a dresser I have to do that to 1 drawer.


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