The Gods Have Smiled

The canister gods, that is.  
I’ve been holding out for some cute, plain white canisters to show up at the thrift store, and my patience has been rewarded!
At $1.50 a piece from the local ARC store, may I present…..


They currently hold tea….the various bags of nuts previously floating around my lazy susan….and chocolate chips!  They’re not big enough for flour/sugar/etc, but that’s ok, because I wouldn’t want a flour-sized canister on my counter anywa.
May the gods smile upon you too during your next visit to the thrift store!


  1. I can't believe the great finds you and other bloggers have found at the thrift store. Everytime I go I say I will never go again. I have the hardest time finding anything. Now, dang it, you have made me want to try again. Brooke


  2. Those are in great condition! Lucky you! I'm having little patience these days holding out for a smaller hutch. I've gone to every thrift store within 100 miles for two weeks straight, searched Craigslist over and over again and keep drawing up empty. You've given me encouragement :))) Last year I broke down and bought the glass canisters with silver lids for my pantry for full price. I searched forever for them and so many ladies kept finding them for a few dollars. I'm really super happy you found what you were looking for. If I'd known I could've grabbed a few similar ones to yours for you. I see those quite often up in these parts.Blessings,Shanna


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