Got Weeds?

Because we have several large patches of bare dirt in our backyard (in various places), we have several large patches of weeds.  I don’t mind pulling the bigger weeds, but sometimes there are a lot of small ones, and they are a pain to pull. So I thought I’d share with you a little trick to kill large patches of weeds without a lot of … Continue reading Got Weeds?

Compost 101

As we get into fall, and we have leaves to rake, lawns to mow (still), and gardens to trim up for winter, it’s the perfect time to be thinking about compost.  If you’re new to compost, you’re probably thinking, “Disgusting!  Who wants a stinking pile of garbage in their yard?” Well, don’t worry.  Compost doesn’t stink, (unless you have your face all up in it!) … Continue reading Compost 101

New Blog Theme!

  I thought we’d all appreciate a change-up from the dark, filtered-light-in-a-forest-clearing design I had been using.  So now it’ll be fresh-and-clean for a while before I get the autumn bug and change it up again 😛 I don’t have much to report since we were at the lake all last week, but… Well, let’s see….. The buffet is almost done….!  Another day or two … Continue reading New Blog Theme!