Little Buggers!

Someone…. has been eating my lilies!
Yesterday I mentioned that my red border lilies were finally blooming.   Well, I ended up with another batch of the same bulbs, which I planted in the back garden (much later than the first batch).
That back-garden-batch is now coming up.
And being promptly eaten.


Sorry bout the fuzzy pictures.  It’s really hard to get a clean shot without the flash when there’s nothing to rest against (the ground was a little muddy).

My mom suspects aphids.  I see slugs in the garden here and there, so I’m worried maybe they could be the culprit too. 

Strategy….a two-pronged attack. 

Part I….

Background… Mom recommends a spray bottle mixture of soapy water to combat aphids. 
Action Item…Mixed it up at lunch yesterday.  Doused the plants!
Evaluation… Pending.  (No additional munch damage as of this morning.)

Part II…

Background…Slugs are boozers.  They like beer.
Action Item….Make a beer trap.  I’ve heard butter containers work well….but I had an almost-empty yogurt container instead, so that’s what I’m using.
Take your container and cut square holes in it.  Bury it in the ground with the bottom of the holes almost level with the ground, so that the entrance to the holes is maybe half an inch above ground level.  Put enough beer in it to drown anything that falls in.  Put the lid on to avoid dilution by rain, evaporation, etc. 
Evaluation…Pending. (No slugs caught as of this morning…just a daddy long legs.)  And yes, I might’ve gotten some dirt in the beer. 

Whoops.  🙂

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