A Yard in Progress


In the front yard, my “red border lilies” are finally blooming!

And in the backyard….

The grass is still filling in on the right side – we haven’t mowed it so it will get very tall and continue seeding the area, so it doesn’t exactly look *good* yet:

The lilac is planted and now I just need to get some mulch:

(Sharing its little area are some white alyssum as a border and two extra jalapeno plants that aren’t doing anything.)

The clematis continues to be appreciative of his new growing space:


   The newly seeded left side of the lawn is starting to grow and fill in (we still need to move the edging though):


The vegetable garden is literally spilling over its edges (because of the tomatoes in the little tomato cages – I should’ve known those small cages would be worthless.)


And some of the other perennials etc I’ve planted are doing fairly well (you can see the tall lilies bloomed and they are yellow!  They have very pretty blooms that sort of hang and point down at the ground). 

  • Also toward the back of the bed, the rhubarb is getting big, and the lambs ears has finally settled in after showing me some attitude for a couple weeks (very wilty, very perky, very wilty, very perky). 
  • You can see the pink coneflower blooming, some puny purple alyssum along the soaker hose,
  • In front of the tall lilies are some still-wilting-from-their-transplant daylilies, and old yucky iris leaves that need trimming. 
  • There are two dianthus hiding in the shadow of the tree, some ornamental grass in a group of three towards the front right, and along the front edge of the curve in the edging (admittedly hard to see the edging), a row of purple alyssum as well as the penstemon which is not doing well at all. 
  • There are some white alyssum planted between the pavers….. and the rest of the vegetation you see are weeds =/


I’d take better pictures  than these (taken from an upstairs window), but it’s about 95 degrees out there 🙂  The bucket is our tree-watering system.  It’s attached to a stake in the ground that lets us do deep-watering.

Looks like I need to fill the bird feeder, do some weed pulling and general trimming, and buy/spread more compost/mulch.

Oh yeah, and paint some cabinet doors, and mow, and…and…and



One comment

  1. So true! Yard work never ends. I absolutely love it when the lawn is freshly mowed and the weeds in the garden aren't to high. I just look around and feel like I have accomplished something. Your yard looks great. You won't believe how fast those trees will grow. Brooke


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