Cabinet Update Etc.



Remember this?


It still looks like that for the most part 🙂 

But… we did make some progress on the doors this past weekend.  To be precise, they are now sanded, primed and waiting for paint.  Once they are painted, I’ll reinstall them and install a final piece of decorative trim.  Then I’ll have to decide whether I’m going to do a distressing treatment on them or not.  So far I really like the clean look of the new paint without any treatment, but the trim has some pretty detail that I’d like to be more prominent, so we’ll see.

IMG_2084 IMG_2085

And remember that piece of Craigslist furniture I’ve mentioned  few times?  Last time I mentioned it, it was facing the garage wall and I couldn’t get a picture.

But now we’re using it to prop up cabinet doors, so here it is!

There’s the bottom half (the buffet, I call it):


And here’s the hutch, which I don’t plan to use inside right away:


Cool, huh?  

It needs some attention, and it’ll be the next ‘big’ project to do.  The whole thing looks pretty dirty, though I can’t tell if it’s dirt or glaze.  Either way, I’ll repaint it to match the cabinets, and I’ll do something with the wood-toned areas as well.

The buffet doors are missing glass so I’ll probably get a couple cheap pieces of glass cut to fit in there.

And other things I plan to get done in the next few weeks are:

  1. Moving the edging on the other side of the backyard – easy…just need to do it
  2. A kitchen window treatment
  3. Weed pulling as usual.  I can’t wait until next year when the plants are bigger and there’s less area of bare dirt to worry about.
  4. Buy some mulch or compost to use as mulch in the back garden.

I’ll be traveling for work for a couple days next week, Hubby will be gone for work for a couple days as well, and then we’re going camping next weekend.  So we’ll have this Saturday and half of Sunday to get some cabinet-door-painting done before I head to the airport.

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