A Fun Fourth


Our 4th of July was filled with:

A parade in charming Potwin (with all the usual suspects of a neighborhood parade):

Bagpipers led the charge


Then a few military vehicles:


Some fancy cars:


A cool tractor pulling an old, cool tractor:


Some fire trucks:


Later, a performance of a local marching band (though they didn’t march in this performance):


Plenty of patriotic decorations:

 P7030077  P7030086     

Kids playing with fireworks:


Adults playing with fireworks:


IMGP0971 IMGP0969

Adults chasing lightning bugs because they are a novelty in certain parts of the country:

  IMGP0947 modified


And lots of food, including a visit to Daddy Cakes (recently a contender on Cupcake Wars):

I tried the Red Velvet cupcake and the Chai Cupcake, while Hubby tried the Chocolate Peanut Butter and the “Curious George” (banana) cupcakes.  Yes, we were stuffed and about sick with sugar when we were done 🙂



IMG_2079 IMG_2077

And just for fun, one of the biggest dogs I’ve ever seen (who was hilarious because he was afraid of everyone and ESPECIALLY the smaller dogs!) 


Hope everyone else’s holiday was spectacular!

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