DIY Cabinet Upgrade Part III – DONE!

  Done! Finis! (Disclaimer:  Subject to future glazing if I decide to go that route.  :))   In Part I, I installed the crown molding. In Part II, we sanded, primed, and painted the cabinet boxes. Somewhere in between Part II and Part III, I installed the last piece of decorative trim, and sanded, primed, and painted the doors over a couple of weekends.  And … Continue reading DIY Cabinet Upgrade Part III – DONE!

Back in the Saddle

  Got home from my business trip last night at about 11. Then the stupid decorative thing fell off the blinds downstairs at some point in the middle of the night and made a huge racket.  (Dag-nabbed decorative things!  The clips that are supposed to hold those things up there DON’T WORK and I’m constantly messing with that stupid top piece because it’s always crashing … Continue reading Back in the Saddle

Little Buggers!

Someone…. has been eating my lilies! Yesterday I mentioned that my red border lilies were finally blooming.   Well, I ended up with another batch of the same bulbs, which I planted in the back garden (much later than the first batch). That back-garden-batch is now coming up. And being promptly eaten.   Sorry bout the fuzzy pictures.  It’s really hard to get a clean shot … Continue reading Little Buggers!