A Trellis Extension for the Beast


We have an enormous Clematis vine (the “Beast”) growing on the railing of our deck.  It’s so big (and has never been trimmed?), that you can see the old fan trellis it was originally tied to, now literally pulled apart by the vine.  There’s no getting to that old trellis though, unless the whole vine comes down (and I don’t want to do that just yet! It’s very pretty right now.)


This clematis is getting SO big…..that it has nowhere else to go.  It has “old wood” stems which have grown around the railing and are supporting it to some extent, but the new growth has trouble getting a hold of the railing.  So the vine is doubling over itself, having nowhere else to grow.

I will be trimming the plant to a drastic 12 inches from the ground, but not until winter when it’s dormant.  Until then, I needed to do something about its size.

Enter: a roll of fencing and some bamboo stakes.


A few snips of the fencing, some simple weaving, and some green garden twist-ties later, the clematis has more room to grow.   (And I’m getting ALL kinds of ideas for that fencing….)


It will provide some shade to our deck as well, though admittedly the trellis looks a little strange. But I predict the clematis will have covered it by the end of the week.


For one season, strange is fine.  Next year I’ll make sure it has a larger trellis to begin with (and we may even have a pergola for it to cover – we’ll see.)

Some other yard “pretties” :

IMG_2012 A long-stemmed rose bush of some kind.  Ok it’s not pretty yet.


IMG_2013 Blooms from a shorter, squattier rose bush.

IMG_2031 Delphinium


Attack of the Killer Tomatoes – also not pretty.  But tasty! (Soon)


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  1. Okay, I am so jealous! My mother-in-law has a clematis just like that. Every year I envy it. I love that color purple. And… those tomato plants. You should see mine, needless to say I probably will be buying my tomatos this year again. Our season is short but this year it was really short. I will be very jealous when you slice into your first tomato, doesn't look like to long from now. You must have a green thumb, everythings looks really healthy and beautiful.Some have it and some don't, oh well.Brooke


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