To Wet Your and My Whistles!


I’m officially started on my DIY guest room headboard!  We got the materials last night and Hubby even told me he’s excited to see how my idea works out.  (Me too!)

But until I can show you……I’ll just run through the project plans for the summer so you know what’s coming.  And then I’ll turn to making a detailed list and schedule for when I plan to get them all done, but you can thank me for not dragging you along on that process 🙂

First, finish the headboard!  Here’s the guest room, which is loosely designed around a “secret garden” theme, although it’s still not really “done”.  For more on the guest room go here and here

IMG_0925  Finish the DIY headboard!

Update!  I finished the headboard!

Next will be installing crown molding to our kitchen cabinets and then painting them.  You saw all the work we’ve done in the kitchen, but if you want a recap, you can check out these posts:  peninsula, new laminate floor, new dishwasher, painting, dining room curtains, dining room ceiling, to name a few.

Right now, our cabinets and wall color are combining to be a Miami Dolphins theme.  We’re Broncos fans, so this just doesn’t work. 🙂 

IMG_1416 Molding + Paint = “Custom” on the Cheap

Once the cabinets are painted, I can get to doing a window treatment and some accessorizing. 

Window treatment

Window Treatment (picture before we painted)

For the window treatment, I’m thinking it will be either a no-sew Roman shade or a valance.

AND…. the last big project I want to get done this summer is redoing a Craigslist find.  It’s really cool.  I’m not even sure what you would call it other than maybe a “wine buffet” ?  It’s in our garage and I’m not going to show you just yet because well….half of it is facing the wall and I can’t move it by myself 🙂

It will be for this little corner here:

empty corner- what to doIMG_1415 

          Before we did anything                                                                After we painted etc

And there are smaller projects here and there like a DIY chandelier (which I’m still looking for the right stuff to finish it…) a ledge shelf which needs redoing, a totally bare wall in the guest room, and some outside things.

Tomorrow I’m guest blogging at Creative Kristi while she’s recovering from having a baby.  Be sure to stop by her blog and check it out!

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