(that means “takin care of business”) On the docket for this week: Storm door is getting installed tomorrow or maybe this afternoon if we’re lucky. Need to build up the beans’ trellis a little higher with my new fencing. (today)  They are climbing on each other at this point. Finish raking out the unsightly backyard dirt pile (today) Use my BOGO perennial coupon before it … Continue reading TCB’in

I Was Featured!

  If any of you have not visited “Tools are for Women Too”, you must go check it out.  Rory posts about his great projects, discusses and reviews tools, and he has a great linky party every Monday too.  From the linky party entrants, he picks a “Modern Craftswoman of the Week” to feature and guess what????? I’m a Modern Craftswoman of the Week! It’s … Continue reading I Was Featured!