Have I mentioned I’m up to my eyeballs in work?  It’s almost over.  A week and a half and then I’ll have a life again and I’ll be able to post about things other than how much the plants have grown from the last time I showed them to you. 

Most of them ARE a growin’…..and I think it’s pretty cool, since I paid for them and all…….

Ok.  I just want to tell you to hang in there!  I have some great projects and ideas…..

  • I just bought a a COOL piece of furniture off Craigslist that is sitting in the garage waiting to be addressed (I’m actually not sure how much work will go into it, since I can’t tell what is dirt and what is paint.) 
  • I have a headboard idea that I think is pretty unique. 
  • I have an entire dusty, weedy backyard that is slowly getting attention and is slowly morphing into something interesting….
  • and I have at least thirteen empty flower pots and a completely bare front porch, all of which will be getting the star treatment just as soon as I have time. 
  • And I have a couple of unfinished Goodwill projects plus I haven’t even BEEN to Goodwill in forever, so a trip there is in order soon too. 
  • Oh yeah, and the pretty major kitchen cabinet transformation is scheduled for this summer too……..

If you watch and wait long enough…..

IMG_1121 Something good is bound to happen 🙂  (A bug perhaps?)


No….better than a bug! The countdown is on…


  1. Waiting for all those Goodwill re-dos! I never find anything good at Goodwill so I live through other people lol! Thanks for commenting on my post- if we lived closer I'd teach you to sew…I go for the 'it's not perfect but it's still wonderful' method…I think quilters/seamstresses' would keel over and faint if they got a close up look at my work lol!


  2. Hi! Thanks for dropping by! We have a lot in common: Your movie and book choices are some of them!! :)I know what you're talking about with work (I'm a graphic designer at a newspaper and a mommy to 3!) I'm pretty busy! Doesn't help that I like creative projects also (reads: time consuming!)I think that's why I like blogging so much, I can incorporate writing, photography, design and DIY stuff, all in one!Have a great Memorial Day Weekend, hope you get some time off to get to your projects! 🙂


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