Ahh, May.


Don’t you love May?  It can be 70 degrees one day and 40 degrees the next.

Remember my tomatoes?  Here they have just been planted and they do look a little worse for wear:



Well then we had a few days where this was required:



And now, sadly, my tomatoes look like this:

IMG_1808 IMG_1809


I trimmed a bunch of the dead stuff off, so they are pretty spindly at this point.  But, there are new shoots of growth on all four plants (even if one plant only has one tiny little new branch), so I think they are going to make it.


Other plants seem to be doing well.  Nothing is really taking off yet, but the fact that everything is still alive is heartening!

This weekend I got some irises transplanted out of one of the side areas and into the bare back garden so that we can seed that side area with grass seed.  I also transplanted a mystery plant that I recently figured out (thanks to Google) is a lily! (One of the big tall lilies- I’ve only ever had daylilies.) 

Here they are in the old, weedy location:

IMG_1779 IMG_1778We need to bury that dang cable.  It’s so annoying.

Neither the lily nor the irises bloomed after we moved into our house last summer, so I wasn’t sure what they were.  Apparently, both of these types of plants need separating now and then because their roots start to grow together, and when they need separating, they stop blooming.  After transplanting, I ended up with several clumps of irises and I spread the lily bulbs out too.  Very weird little organisms if you ever have to dig them up!

New locations:


IMG_1824 IMG_1823 IMG_1825


We’ve also filled several huge yard waste bins with that lovely bark.  Still working on it, but one side bed is completely ready to have its edging taken up to let the grass fill in 🙂

Now I’ll be working on slowly filling in the back bed with plants, figuring out a watering system, and putting mulch down.  Some more divided plants from the front yard (creeping phlox and yellow daylilies which are both getting so big!), and a visit to the nursery with my mom in June will probably introduce some fun new plants to the yard too.

But before you start thinking that my yard is SOOO gorgeous and TOTALLY unattainable (HAHAHAHAHA!) let me show you some other “success” stories!

IMG_1829 This is a hibiscus we planted last summer/fall.  It died.  Big time.  Luckily the nursery guaranteed it, so hopefully I’ll bring home a new one in June.  Meanwhile….it looks like a skeleton.

IMG_1834 This is the thorn in my side side of our house 🙂  I sprayed these suckers with Round Up a couple weeks ago and they are looking just a tad wilted.  They’ll be getting it again.  I have a lot of trouble controlling this particular weed, whatever it is.  (The brighter green in there is like…some kind of ivy or something, but it’s the grayish ones that are the real pain.)

I’d like to DO something with this area, since it just seems to collect weeds, but I don’t know what I would do except some kind of raised bed connecting the bed in the lower left corner to the fence.

And my alive but not-really-kicking plants are here:


Uhh… these are either….a columbine….a cranesbill geranium……or a balloon flower 🙂  Who knows! (Not til it blooms at least)

IMG_1830 IMG_1831


Wow, don’t you love my lame attempt at mulch?  That would be the measly pile of grass clippings that came from mowing one day.  It has a bunch of leaves and sticks in it too.  Looks a little like barf at this point.  Awesome.  Barf on black plastic. (See how the weed mat is sort of fluffy looking?  That would be because of all those grayish weeds growing under it. Gah!)  I *think* my general plan for this area is to let those plants get bigger and then remove the black plastic.  There is already red mulch under it, I just need some “good” plants to get established without really having to look at a ton of weeds….then hopefully….those good plants will shade/crowd out the little weeds.  I’m not sure…it’s a work in progress.

See?  I’m not perfect after all!  (wink, wink, WINK)

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  1. I am so glad that my garden (that I worked so hard on and spent so much money on) is not the only garden to struggle with dying plants and weeds! What really bugs me is when you have a plant growing so well for over a year and then \”Bam!\” it dies!!!! It has been happening to our hedge plants! Not all of them just the odd one in the middle of the others! Doubly annoying as now I either have to buy a bigger plant (that costs more) or have an uneven hegde line until the new plant catches up. : ( xx


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