Reality = Sometimes Failure

I found some cool candle holder dealies at Goodwill a while back.  On the same trip I found a glass dome.  I had the grand idea to make a cloche by painting one of them and combining it with the glass dome.  (The candle holders were painted a really groovy navy blue swirled with orange.)  For some reason, I bought both of the candle holders.
Well,  most items I find at Goodwill seem to need a bath.  So I got home and immediately threw these guys in the dishwasher.

Whoops.   (Good thing it was the old, leaky dishwasher!)


Clearly, they were NOT dishwasher safe!
They came out of the dishwasher with the paint in stages of meltiness. 
I thought, no problem.  I’ll just paint right over it and it’ll still work.
No dice.
The texture of the melted paint was very obvious under the primer.  (I don’t know what I was expecting…?)

So I tried sanding.  That got old pretty fast, and didn’t help much.
And they have been sitting on our kitchen counter ever since, waiting for me to figure out just what exactly I’m going to do to salvage them.  More sanding?  More primer?  Just paint them and see how they look?  Just hide the ugly parts by turning them against the wall?

I think I’ve decided.

They are going back to Goodwill for someone else to tackle.  Sometimes you’ve just got to throw in the towel and admit that your screw-up might need more attention or skills than you are willing or able to give it.
I’m keeping the dome with faith that I’ll find another base to put under it.  It had potential!

Have I mentioned our forecast is 4-8 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow?
Oh my.  Stay tuned.

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  1. You are so funny. I wonder if some of that texture paint would work. Like the spray on sandstone paint or something???? Oh well, someone else will figure it out. We are expecting snow also. We are so slow we haven't even planted our garden yet. The weather is so weird this year. Good luck with yours.Brooke


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