Behind the Times


Sorry folks.  I’m pretty boring lately.  I’m entrenched in a huge work-related project that won’t be over until June.  Until then, it’s all I can do to schedule in (yes I do actually schedule it in)  some weed-pulling, veggie planting, and mulch-spreading.  It’s just because I have to get certain work things done every day and pulling weeds etc are “fun” things at this point in time. 

So in the evenings and on the weekends,  I alternate fun, work, fun, work.  It looks more like this: 

  1. plant five bulbs,
  2. work for two hours,
  3. spread mulch in the front garden,
  4. work two hours,
  5. go to grocery store,
  6. work for two hours (at this point in the day it usually turns into “work for one hour” = burnout)
  7. watch TV with Hubs for 30 min
  8. Etc.

Hubby doesn’t understand how housework can be fun for me (but the only other option is WORK work!)  “Real” fun is out of the question because it usually takes more than an hour and it often involves leaving home. 

But what this means for blogland is….. things like finishing projects, starting new ones, and getting organized (and clean – our house needs some cleaning attention) have to be on hold to the extent Hubby doesn’t want to take them on himself. 

And he’s been a trooper for the last few months, (he makes me dinner almost every night) so if he doesn’t want to scrub toilets, well that’s fine.  They’ll just be dirty until I get around to them…. uh, in June….(I know….)

So I can’t say I have much to show you these days.  In fact, I’ve been sad because I see all the fun linky parties every week and I have nothing to add 😦

I do have a handful of unfinished (really cool!) projects that I will eventually have to show you.  One of them I can almost guarantee you’ve never seen in blogland!  (It might also be a miserable failure, but I’ll show you either way.)  You and I both just have to wait a little longer and hang in there.

Unless anybody wants to see the pile of pulled weeds I accomplished last night?

You can shake your head no.  I understand 🙂

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