87 Mph


Was the high speed gust of wind in our area yesterday.  I think we got more like 50-70 mph gusts at our house.

Our patio table cover (held with tightly pulled elastic cords and one plastic clip around the bases of six chairs) blew right off.  It has another plastic clip that snaps around the base of a chair on the opposite side, but  I had unhooked it over the weekend to pull a chair out and enjoy the sun while Hubby was grilling.  If I hadn’t unhooked that one side,  I think we might have had a flying patio table.

The brand new grill cover….blew right off.  (Luckily, it didn’t blow away, just off.)

My watering can and a 5 gallon bucket were blown across the yard.  Not surprising.

Our front yard was decorated with a pizza box as I left for work.

But the worst part…..

Two of my wall of waters collapsed on my newly planted veggies.  I saw it this morning and ran out to set them back up (of course now they’re mostly empty so they need refilling – I hope that doesn’t also mean they have holes in them now) and checked on the plants.  It’s supposed to be calm and warm today, so I think I’ll give the plants a few hours to perk up and then I’ll go check them again.  They were pretty smashed.  =(

Hubby was going to take our tree stake supports off our new baby trees last weekend but didn’t get to it.  Those trees are probably grateful!


And much worse than that….but not for us….

A local greenhouse had one of their roofs ripped completely off and their plants blown across their parking lot.  Let’s all hope they can salvage most of them.


Hope your day was a little calmer 🙂

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