Have I mentioned I’m up to my eyeballs in work?  It’s almost over.  A week and a half and then I’ll have a life again and I’ll be able to post about things other than how much the plants have grown from the last time I showed them to you.  Most of them ARE a growin’…..and I think it’s pretty cool, since I paid … Continue reading Slammed

Ahh, May.

  Don’t you love May?  It can be 70 degrees one day and 40 degrees the next. Remember my tomatoes?  Here they have just been planted and they do look a little worse for wear:   Well then we had a few days where this was required:   And now, sadly, my tomatoes look like this: I trimmed a bunch of the dead stuff off, … Continue reading Ahh, May.

Snow. Again.

  Ugh.  Need I say more?   Clearly, I took this picture from an upstairs window.  Because I’m a wuss and I don’t want to get cold. 🙂 Are you wondering about that funny pot upside down on the wall of water?  I used a tomato cage inside the wall of water to keep it from blowing over and crushing the pepper in there.  But … Continue reading Snow. Again.

Behind the Times

  Sorry folks.  I’m pretty boring lately.  I’m entrenched in a huge work-related project that won’t be over until June.  Until then, it’s all I can do to schedule in (yes I do actually schedule it in)  some weed-pulling, veggie planting, and mulch-spreading.  It’s just because I have to get certain work things done every day and pulling weeds etc are “fun” things at this … Continue reading Behind the Times

87 Mph

  Was the high speed gust of wind in our area yesterday.  I think we got more like 50-70 mph gusts at our house. Our patio table cover (held with tightly pulled elastic cords and one plastic clip around the bases of six chairs) blew right off.  It has another plastic clip that snaps around the base of a chair on the opposite side, but  … Continue reading 87 Mph