Mid-Week Rambles

No fun projects to report here. I watered my “seven new perennials” today. Does that count?

Ok. I guess I was fishing for some ‘cred.

I also stomped all over the fluffy areas of the weed mat where the weeds are growing underneath. Hopefully they’ll get the hint, but I’m not holding my breath.

This weekend will be relatively uneventful. I’m looking forward to it. At the very minimum, I need to make sure I get some more mulch spread in the front yard and get that finished up.

Or else I’ll dwell on it alllllll next week.

I think I also need to bust out the Round Up and show the weeds growing in the rocks on the side of the house that I’M IN CHARGE. Otherwise….well, they’ll definitely be in charge. (These are different weeds than the pests under the weed mat, sadly.)

Getting the rest of the baseboards back on will also be a priority. I’d like the new floor project to be done with. Missing baseboards just look so glaringly unfinished.

It’s rainy and windy here tonight, and it’s supposed to be cool/windy/rainy (maybe even nighttime snow) the rest of the week. I want it to warm up! WARM UP, I SAY!

We recently signed up for milk delivery. Foo foo, yes. More expensive than Safeway…yes. Surprisingly amazing tasting? Like I-didn’t-know-milk-was-so-awesome amazing? YES! It’s yummy, and it supports our local economy too, so I feel pretty good about it.

PLUS….I bet I could go visit the cows if I really wanted to. Which I might. (want to). My husband thinks I should open a petting zoo. The cows might suffice.

Did I mention I had to wait for an elk to cross the road yesterday morning on my way to work? And that the group of horses grazing across the way were playing tag on my way home from work? Cute buggers, frolicking around.

Are you thinking I’m a loon?

Me too. Time for bed.

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