We Have a New Floor!

There is still some put-away/put-back to do. And we’re dishwasher-less until tonight when the new one is delivered and installed (and the old one taken away!). And we still need to put the dining room and living room baseboards back on. I can’t wait to have a quiet dishwasher!!

But despite those little things, the big stuff is done!

Here are some before pictures real quick:

IMG_1666 IMG_1635

IMG_1636 IMG_1668

My cute little spring hearth….next to some ugly carpet!



My baby gate project marking the boundary between the old laminate and the old nasty carpet…

IMG_1637 IMG_1670

Various shots of the pretty new peninsula…but I promise it’s prettier with the new floor…!

IMG_1669 IMG_1671

And now for the AFTER pictures! YAY!


Disregard the junk on the counter please 🙂


Floor Installer Guy thought quarter round would look good here. I agree! (And one less baseboard to paint!)


Need to rearrange a little in here and find a little plant-stand type of table for the lamp currently hanging out on the couch (couch potato). Hobby Lobby here I come…. (the old table it was on was a aquare end table that was waaaay too big for its new location against that long wall, so it was moved to the basement.)

I’m thinking the rug and coffee table are looking a little smooshed right now. The rug was an old one we had stored in the basement. For now it works great but we’ll probably pick out a new one eventually (a heavier one, since this one wrinkles and bunches pretty bad.)



IMG_1728 The orange cabinets look particularly garish against the floor color now. We’re planning to buy a sander this weekend! You know what that means…… 🙂 PAINTING CABINETS!


We love it! It’s so nice and clean feeling, compared to that nasty carpet that had who-knows-how-many peoples’ and animals’ dirt in it. The cat doesn’t like the hard floor quite as much as the carpet. Even though her toys fly across the floor and are much more fun to chase, her “flying squirrel” act off the stairs results in her sliding into the far wall. Hopefully that stops, but we’ll see. I would think it hurts to land on a hard floor from six feet up from a full sprint?

Thanks for stopping by! Sorry no little projects to show you lately! Once we get this big one put to bed, I’ll have time to get back to the smaller projects on my list.

Have a GREAT day!

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  1. The floors look AMAZING! I spent all last night wiping mine down…the tile removal a few weeks ago has left more dust and dirt in my home then I could ever think possible…but they are looking much better today, so I am hopeful to get pics up. We still have to buy are baseboards, etc so there is still so much left to do. Can't wait to see your cabinets all painted. We decided to get new ones and they won't be ready for another 2 weeks…gotta love an empty kitchen:)


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