I went to Goodwill last week!  Check out what I found:
A cool painting!  It had wine or grape juice or something splattered on the frame.  I have some fun plans for this one!
IMG_1544 A tray! 
(Which was actually a “Beginner Band Set” at one point.)
A Mirror!  I need a mirror for the guest room, and with a little paint this one will be perfect 🙂
More mirrors!  These will be painted too.  But not hung on the wall 😉
Some really fun green glass pitchers/containers/jobby doos.
IMG_1555Another fun glass container. 
And the tall one behind it….
…Which is a smaller version of one I already had.   I think this will go on the mantel in my new spring mantel vignette (yeah, I’m late to the party) .  One side is done…I just need to think about how to do the other side.  You’ll see two other finds when I show you the mantel – I jumped the gun and got them up there before taking a picture.
Some of these items have already seen some primer….paint is next but we woke up to snow this morning, so the paint might not happen for a few days until it warms up again.
Hope your week is going well 🙂

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