Front Yard Fun

Hi all!

Are you ready for a tour of my front yard?

Let’s go…..



The grass is encroaching on my crocuses!!

Ok, I’ll do it later. 🙂 See my trick for marking my bulbs? Hubby suggested it – we are using bamboo kebab skewers. I just put them in the dirt here and there around where bulbs are planted. Hopefully that way I won’t mistakenly dig any up or walk on delicate dirt when they’re trying to come up.


Another bunch of coconuts daffodils! Diddly-dee!


Tulips (and our irrigation system?) poking their heads up!


Don’t know what this stuff is. It got really tall and spindly last summer, with tiny pinkish white flowers. It also spreads like wildfire. (I butchered it last fall to get it to this size – it was taking over.) It’s got a soft, feathery texture and in general I don’t mind it. It just needs to be shown who’s boss now and then. EDIT: I just found out this is pink yarrow!

Here’s a closer picture:



Mo tulips = Mo betta ! We did a better job with not burying all the mulch with this section…


More crocuses, and the start of my Stella D’Oro daylilies. They’re so pretty along this walk up to the front door. I recently ordered some “red carpet border” daylilies too….but I don’t know where they’re going just yet. I really need to get to buying more mulch don’t I?


And now closer to the front door we have the pretty Stella D’Oros there in the middle. Daffies down the right side and (I think) tall purple tulips coming up there on the left side.

And crusty old leaves as the piece de resistance 🙂

Here we can see the mums coming up! I’m going to figure out how to pinch these things off properly because they looked really spindly and pathetic last year and I think it’s because they needed pinching in the spring. You just pinch off the top few inches right?


What you haven’t seen: A bunch of Spirea bushes. A couple boring evergreen bushes. Some potentillas. Some rocks. Some mulch. And some nekkid trees. When the leaves come out and the yard greens up….maybe I’ll show you the “big picture”

And by then, I’ll have it cleaned up, too 🙂

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!


  1. lovely flowers. i want to plant some daffodils, but we rent and my landlord is crazy. i just have to enjoy everyone else's. thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.


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