Peninsula Treatment Reveal

We finally got the peninsula done!

After I showed you how I tore off the trim and baseboards here,

there really wasn’t much to it, so we’ll just get to the before and after!


beadboard would look cool...





‘Course, it’s still missing the baseboards, but we decided not to put the trim back up around the top edge, since it would have to be cut for each corbel, and that just might look funny.


My mom actually suggested those corbels while we were shopping at Hobby Lobby one day, and what a great suggestion it was! They are perfect, and they are just the style we’re going for 🙂

All in all, we spent $20 on the beadboard and $5 + $5 + $6 on the corbels = $36

(My mom told me yesterday that she saw the before picture and was like “What? It looks fine! What do you need to do to it?” …..and THEN she saw the after picture and decided the before picture really was kind of boring and ugly! Hi Mom!)

Now for the floor and painting the cabinets! Whoo hoo! Dontcha love progress?

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Head on over to check out all the cool projects! 🙂


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