A Pretty Ceiling

Happy Monday everyone!

We got a LOT done this weekend! 

Even though my dining room ceiling isn’t completely finished, I’ll show you where we’re at, because it looks so pretty now (even without being done.)

First, hubby painted the center of the ceiling with the same Dover White flat paint we used on the kitchen ceiling.


Then, we painted the walls green and brought the wall color up onto the ceiling 12 inches all the way around.




This weekend, we filled in the 12” white stripe with an ever-so-slightly-darker shade of green.  (I used the tape-sealing technique I showed you here, to get nice clean lines.)



Isn’t it pretty???  I love it!  (But remember, it’s not quite done yet!!!) 


Hope you have a great start to your week 🙂


  1. I am seeing most of your photos but I think there may be a problem in Blog Land! From what I can see you ceiling looks great so far. I am so impressed we were flat out just painting our ceilings white and we vowed we would make sure that we did our best to not have to repaint them for a long long time! xx


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